- Jon Aubry, Founder

At Copper River, we approach each project’s planning and building process as a voyage … from vision to reality.  After three decades in the industry, we know that we are constructing more than just buildings – we are developing relationships and providing the vehicle for our clients' vision to evolve into a tangible asset. To ensure we meet and/or exceed our clients' expectations, we believe that it is necessary to thoroughly understand their business as this will better allow us to find a way to achieve the desired results. Throughout each relationship, it is Copper River’s number one priority to grasp our clients' philosophy, and then create the setting and functionality that reinforces the unique vision of everyone involved, therefore being conducive to achieving the desired results. We make it our mission to be a leader, not only in understanding how a project should be built, but to follow the methodology that includes our dedication to excellence, innovation, attention to detail and above all, quality.